Updated May 15th, 2023

With our growing reach to the public, it has become essential for us to state our privacy policy to our app and website users, since our users' privacies are among our highest priorities.

Our mobile apps may prompt for certain information from users and their devices in order to improve user experiences. The information requested from our users and/or their devices may include either of the following:

. Cookies, and similar data-storing technologies
. Email addresses
. Internet access
. Local storage
. Location information
. User accounts

Our apps and websites may locally store user information on save data, cookies, XML, or similar files. This is essential for users who may be using our apps offline (i.e without internet access), or for gaming apps to remember user's progress from last play. As for websites, this is essential in verifying that legitimate users of ours are the ones using our services (e.g via cookies).

We may ask for email addresses for user registration, and verification, on either of our websites and/or apps, or in order to send updates to our users. In this scenario, users will be informed in advance either by being presented with a registration form or an in-app prompt (e.g Facebook), so that our users will have the opportunity to provide consent for sharing their email addresses.

Internet access may not be required depending on the app, but some features such as "achievements," "leaderboards," and adverts may require internet access. Our apps may require internet access for registration, login, and accessing respective web services. For our free apps, it is also essential for Omar Kaj Software to have internet access for embedded adverts, generated via Google AdMob or Google AdSense, to show.

Our apps may require the ability to access device storage in order to store user information for reference. This is essential for users who may be using our apps offline (i.e without internet connectivity), or for gaming apps to remember the user's progression from last play, as stated under COOKIES, AND SIMILAR DATA-STORING TECHNOLOGIES above. With our device apps based on HTML5, thus dependent on their own image and audio assets installed with the apps, access to local storage is also required for best presentation of the said apps.

Our apps and/or websites may request for user's information such as city, country, or precise location. This may be required to provide our users with accurate information or services, such as our app "Prayer Tracker." In addition, any of our websites may require our users' location information for legal reasons, to have access to certain web services that we may offer. Like email, users will be presented with a registration form, or an in-app prompt, hence be able to provide consent for sharing location information. Otherwise, we won't keep user's location information in any of our databases.

Our web apps may require users to register in order to be used, or save user information via cookies or similar technologies, as stated under COOKIES, AND SIMILAR DATA-STORING TECHNOLOGIES above. This may be via our registration forms, or in-app prompts, which may request for user's email addresses or locations as stated above. Third-party accounts that may be requested may include device accounts, e.g Google Play Games account for our gaming apps. (With respect to Google Play Games, however, we do not use it to collect user's information but, rather, we use the service for our apps to be able to provide Android users with achievements and leaderboard features.)

Privacy is a key proprity to Omar Kaj Software, as we aim to deliver overall good products to our users. They are only essential to help our apps and websites offer the best experiences to our users, and we do not share user information with third-parties.