Deed Tracker

Whether if it's something ordinary, or a grand achievement worth looked back on, some of you might be curious to recount every good deed you did all your lives. That's where "DEED TRACKER" comes in. On each day, keep track on each of your good deeds, whether big or small, and watch your visual journal come to life. You can also set a daily goal to accomplish as well, or open the app's calendar to show your overall monthly progress.

Orenjin Pets

"ORENJIN PETS" are a line of virtual pets. Play and interact with them by taking care of them, feeding them, and playing mini games with them. Alao adopt all types to complete your Character Card collection.

Prayer Tracker

Have a busy routine? Do you get home from work late, or have a long weekend, but end up forgetting what prayers you're owing? Not to worry, for "PRAYER TRACK," our simple memo tracker, helps make life simpler by keeping track on due prayers of any day. Importantly, it's free to use. Never lose track on your prayers again.

Rakat Tracker

"RAKAT TRACKER" is an app designed to help Muslims keep track on their prayer progressions. With a much busier world, it's easy to lose concentration when worries or distractions cloud one's mind, so we offer a subtle solution to help worshippers refocus. Praying for long, and not sure if you're on your third or fourth rakat? Take a quick peek on your phone, and you're back on track.


Access tasbih on your phone with ease. Designed with user-friendly UI.