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This is a story about a local shepherd boy, and a fallen princess who, after centuries of being in a deep sleep, found herself in modern time as a half-vampire. Follow them as they share their lives together, and the danger that lies ahead.


Princess Maria is a half-vampire, and ruler of her local region in Romania. Daughter of a ruling family centuries prior, the sick princess woke up from a deep slumber with full health, but she would soon realize that her world no longer existed, relying on foraging and hunting, in both her normal and animal forms, for sustenance.

When discovered, her half-vampire form stoked fear and ill-treatment from the locals, resulting to scaring off anyone who dared to venture into her parents' castle. However, it would take a curageous, and determined shepherd boy to put her heart at ease while undergoing her own "fish out of water" experience.

Jonathan is the son of a local shephered family, and boyfriend to Princess Maria. His people consisted of both locals and normads who had both eagerly been awaiting their princess' return. However, little did Jonathan know was that he would be key to fulfilling the old prophecy, which would also lead him to making a new friend from the Medieval era.

Professor Daniel is an archeologist leading an exhibition around an ancient fortress in Transylvania. Believed to have once belonged to the infamous vampire lord, King Marcu, Princess Maria had been eager to find clues as to what had happened to her parents during her deep slumber.

However, little does she know is that Daniel also leads a wolf cult seeking to bring King Marcu back to life once more, in a bid to fulfill the vampire lord's vision of a new world order. As part of the ritual, the brotherhood seeks a few sacrifies, and a drip of Maria's own blood at the fortress itself.


 The Sleeping Heir

"The Sleeping Heir" takes us on a journey of a shepherd's son to uncover the mysteries surrounding an ancient castle near his village. While trying to validate the myth of a fallen princess, believed to be asleep within the castle walls for centuries, Jonathan Fier also heard stories of a stranger scaring visitors away from the castle, thus he needed to investigate for himself. But, nothing could prepare him for an encounter with a half-vampire girl who may, or may not, be tied to either the myth of the fallen princess or the menacing stranger.

Brotherhood of the Wolves

"Brotherhood of the Wolves" takes a look at a sinister plot by a mysterious cult, presumably led by wolves, to bring back an evil of old. Meanwhile, Jonathan and Princess Maria, now a couple, would find themselves becoming schoolmates, with Maria eventually falling into the trap set by the cult. But, what do they have planned for the title character?