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Hi. I'm Omar Kaj, and welcome to my portfolio. I am a freelance writer, and I am also the author of "Hiroshi and the Neon Ninjas" and "Maria the Vampire Princess" series. I am also a software programmer, website designer, and graphic designer.

(For my list of apps and games, scroll down to learn more about software brand, "Manurr Workshop.")

Written Works
& Graphic Design

I make books, webcomics, and artworks. I am also the author of "Hiroshi and the Neon Ninjas" webcomic series, "Maria the Vampire Princess" book series, and dating advice book "The Love Bible" on Amazon. Scroll down to learn more about my other works.
Books & Webcomics


We take a look at the everyday lives, and adventures, of the main characters: the steel factory entrepreneur Hiroshi Michio, his cousin Eiji, and his stepdaughter Itsumi, as their vengeance for Hiroshi's slain parents leads them to fighting crime in the streets. The webcomic story is ongoing.

Free webcomic series on Tapas and Webtoon, plus physical copies available on Amazon.

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This is a story about a local shepherd boy, and a fallen princess who, after centuries of being in a coma, found herself in modern time as a half-vampire. Follow them as they share their lives together, and the danger that lies ahead.

Free novel series on Tapas, plus physical copies available on Amazon.

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Manurr Workshop

I also have a website for all things relating to app and game development. Check out "Manurr Workshop" to learn more about your next Android apps made by yours truly.